Ancient Petroglyphs on Mars – Evidence of Intelligent Life?

Humanity is obsessed with the idea of life on other planets. In essence, this is a good thing because it will spearhead the way to space exploration. At the moment, Mars is on the shortlist of planets that could have sustained life and there are those who doubt the fact that said life has disappeared altogether.

There is no shortage of interesting and controversial images that have been sent back from the Red Planet. The latest photo of this kind was snapped by the Curiosity rover and has already given rise to much speculation. It shows what appears to be the silhouette of a man carved on what might have been once a stone column. Very similar petroglyphs (rock engravings) can be found here on Earth as many cultures chose this method to record their beliefs and important events.

Is this old rock evidence of an ancient civilization once inhabiting Mars? Did that civilization establish a colony on Earth, giving rise to humanity on the Blue Planet? Definitive answers to these questions are hard to come by but as time passes, more pieces for the puzzle are collected and we get closer to seeing the big picture.

This martian rock shows some interesting petroglyphs, not unlike the ones found an Earth. Was this rock once part of a larger structure that has been long abandoned and engulfed by sand and dust? Is Curiosity unknowingly rolling over eon-old martian ruins?

Some consider this rock another piece of evidence towards humanity’s shared history with Mars. There are numerous theories that suggest life on Earth originated on Mars. Were space ships travelling between these two planets long ago and if so, did the same builders construct the ancient temples that still puzzle us today?

Sometime in the past, millions of years ago, Mars became uninhabitable due to loss of internal heat. This in turn led to Mars losing its atmosphere and becoming the barren wasteland we see today through Curiosity’s eyes.

There is ample evidence suggesting water once flowed on Mars, creating rivers, lakes and seas. Much of it is lost, but some is present as dust-covered ice. Mars could still be harboring life.

Future missions to Mars will uncover evidence of ancient civilizations flourishing and dying- if there are any. Until then, what little evidence makes its way on earth is subjected to speculation.

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