Ancient “Stone-Cutting Machine” Links India & China?

While perusing the many perplexing sites we are yet to cover on our channel, we stumbled across something which could quite possibly be a massive clue, evidence left as to the method of construction of many ancient sites found all over earth.
Our channel has, for a long time, put forward the hypothesis that a highly advanced, world wide, civilisation once flourished here on our planet.
We believe that many of the ancient sites which display unexplained architecture, were left by this lost people placed far within our distant past. And once one begins to investigate these ruin with this possibility in mind, you start to notice some compelling things regarding these amazing sites.
For example, the metal clamps we have previously covered, often created using impressive mixes of alloys and somehow poured molten, could now be seen as earlier architectural examples than the mortar-less, mysteriously notched stonework, also found in similar area all over the world, with the more precise, and thus more impressive stonework, seen as a later, more sophisticated method of construction.

More details in this video:

Source: Mystery History | YouTube

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