SHOCKING! Alien Cube And Black Portal Appear Over Top-Secret US Military Base!

The UFO phenomenon has been growing strong in recent years with countless sightings happening around the world and more witnesses reporting strange encounters with these mysterious forces.

Many have reported seeing triangles shaped UFOs, flying saucers and strange orb like lights.

But one of the most impressive sightings to date is probably the recent flying Cube snapped above one of the most important military bases in the United States of America. Several pictures were taken of the mysterious cube.

The cube appears to be floating for the most time, but another strange thing was the black looking vortex that spawned the cube, like an inter-dimensional gateway that brought it to our world.

Some people suspect it being a top secret experimental technology by the US military. But most think it was not created by humans and it’s entirely extraterrestrial in nature.

What could it be?

Watch the following video to know more!


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